constantly confused about everything

im molly im 18


o yea the 90s. the 90s were great. fuckin sick. raw as hell. learning how to speak. crying for no reason. shitting in my diaper

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omfg straight boys complaining about high waisted shorts and crop tops… have you SEEN a girl in high waisted shorts and crop tops?????? have u seen girls’ LEGS in high waisted shorts!???? have u seen a little peek of tummy in a crop top???????? what is WRONG WITH YOU

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Intro/She Changes The Weather (rainymood) || Swim Deep

always associated this song with sunny weather but this is sooo nice

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we'll sit and watch the sun rise 
and gaze into each other's eyes

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do u ever lay in bed and get really sad about ur favorite person because theyre not in the bed with u

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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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James Joyce, Ulysses (via observando)

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I think of you so often you have no idea.

The Moldy Peaches → Anyone Else But You

Here is the church and here is the steeple,
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you

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larry clark, genetics transformation for zoo magazine no. 40, 2013

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